Solinco Confidential 18 gauge review

Solinco Confidential 18 gauge review

In this special edition episode 10 of The String Bar, we put Solinco Confidential to the test in the middle of a looming global crisis.

As we unravel the characteristics of Solinco's newest string, we take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion in this race against time.

Our search not only presents obstacles to cracking the code on this string, but reveals an unexpected truth - about what it means to be a tennis player during these hard times.

As always, your questions, comments, and feedback are my everything to keep The String Bar progressing forward. Please leave your 2 cents below - either good or bad.


  • Vacation Rob

    Sidney, that sounds like a mean setup you have, and had, running. That’s great that you were able to get more out of just changing the cross! Thanks for chiming in on your setup, cheers

  • Sidney

    i love the strings. I’m actually switching from my existing string combi of tour bite diamond 17 [mains] & tour bite 19 [crosses] to the confidential 17 on the crosses. As per your review, there is so much more grip and shape to the ball. Less ‘pop’ vs. the tour bite but the ball goes where I want it to go (generally)!

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