It's simple, we are tennis bums

Founded in the Summer of 2017, Vacation Tennis is an independent tennis brand and stringing shop based in Richmond, Virginia. Vacation takes a new perspective on the game - offering tennis players and fans an alternative to big box brands run by people who don't play tennis.

Started by a tennis player who escaped the corporate world to become a tennis bum, Vacation creates apparel that captures the special moments of our game and tells a story about who you are.

The story of the brand isn't one fabricated by branding experts - we take you on a journey of a tennis player through the ups and downs of the game, in search of the perfect session. We invite you to be part of that story - to become one of us.

Our high quality shirts and hats are comfortably worn by tennis players and fans across the world - from New York to California and already reaching as far as Tokyo, Brazil, London, Belgium, Canada, and Ireland.

We are the pushers, the club hacks, the junk ballers, the challengers, and the grinders. We are who we are. 

At Vacation you have the confidence of knowing every single item we create is designed, tested, shipped, and supported by tennis players.

We're committed to pushing the creative boundaries of the game, and I look forward to connecting with you on a truly personal level.

Welcome to Vacation Tennis, I hope you enjoy your stay

-Robert Gilfillan | Tennis Player