Yonex Poly Tour Pro full review and playtest

Yonex Poly Tour Pro full review and playtest

Why is it that some players love YPTP while others hate it? In episode 4 of the The String Bar, we talk about the confusing packaging, hit the courts for a full review, why 17 gauge is better than the 16, find out why some players get this string wrong, how to unlock the full potential, and why Yonex got this string just right.



  • Vacation Rob

    Vimal, I went with 43 lbs tension full bed, 2 pc, Yonex Ai98 310g

  • Vimal

    What was the tension used?

  • Azmi Usman

    Can you do review for Solinco Confidential 18 gauge

  • lillywilliam

    You have given large information. I am searching for a long time you are just too good I can’t tell you with the word. Thank you for giving us this kind of information.

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